Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment. Rescued pets often come from neglectful, abusive, or otherwise substandard situations, so please understand many of our available dogs may need basic training, have poor indoor manners (as they lived outside most of their lives), may require potty training, etc.  They may take longer to bond with you and trust you. They may have separation anxiety, scratch at your doors, eat your shoes when left alone, and more.   They say dogs only live in the "now," but some of our dogs are more sensitive than others and have lasting idiosyncrasies that require a patient, loving, and understanding human. We work with them as much as possible with trainers as well as in our homes to ensure they are adoptable. No dog is ever "perfect," although WE think they all are, but a rescued dog can come with emotional baggage that not everyone is ready to handle.

Please make sure you are ready to embark on one of the most fulfilling and challenging adventures ever - rescuing a dog. If you are, you will find yourself being "rescued" just as much as the baby you are rescuing. Apply here: http://www.causeforsbpaws.org/forms/form?formid=3251 

Meet our beloved Cause for SB Paws rescue babies at our adoption events at the Petsmart in Redlands, CA off Orange St. And the 10 FWY. Email CAUSE4SBPAWS@GMAIL.COM for event days and times. 

We can also schedule Meet & Greets throughout the week, so apply now: http://www.causeforsbpaws.org/forms/form?formid=3251